Squarepusher 'Stor Eiglass' Music Video 13.05.15

I recently teamed up with with good friends MLF and the brilliant animation studio Blue Zoo to work on the new Squarepusher Music Video. It was great chance to be able to develop my work into a living and breathing environment. I had immense fun working on this.

Jump into Stor Eiglass for a safari through numerous layers of reality - watch those suckers and take heed from your spiritual guide!

For the YouTube 360º experience: head to ( https://youtu.be/6Olt-ZtV_CE ) in Chrome (use mouse or keyboard keys W/A/S/D to change perspective) or view via the YouTube app for Android (move device around to view different angles).

For the fully immersive complete virtual reality experience:

Android / Google Cardboard Version: http://smarturl.it/stor-eiglass-play
IOS: http://smarturl.it/stor-eiglass-ios

Series of Worldwide VR Installations: The VR video will be screened with headsets at a number of special events worldwide. Starting with Tokyo Garden Hall on the 15th May and Sydney Opera House 22nd to 31st and New York's RBMA Studios on the 21st May.